Basically we can mod any tube amp to what you need/want. More or less gain, more or less bass response, mids, hi-end response or noise taming.

Net Filter
we install a net filter in between line and amp to keep out ticks and noise from the overloaded 50Hz/240V net. 125€ vat inc up to 5A amps. Simply a must since your place is plenty of 5€ el cheapo made in China switching power supplies ... :-)

Tame your Hot Rod
These amps have almost no course on the volume pot, nice amp but a bit harsh and difficult to handle level-wise. This mod makes your volume pot usable with the channels and tames the high end a little + bolder lo-end. You get 3 fully controlable channels with this mod 1. Clean 2. Crunch where channel clean ends and 3. real lead 120€ vat inc

Building in power attenuator (FADENUATOR)
Only for combos up to 50W. We will hook-up a rotary power attenuator in the back (or several) with custom plate and bracket. Amp always sees correct load. Attenuation up to 100%. 150€ vat inc (depending on amp, power range and impedance) just mail for info)

Blackface your Silverface
Includes parts and labour to get your silverface circuit converted to blackface circuit. from 120€ vat inc depending on amp model.

Fatten that JCM900
tames agressive hi-end bite and adds lo-end body. For all 900's. Makes it a way smoother and fatter amp. 120€ vat inc

Warm up that Champ 12
Standard tuning is pretty mid-based. Add warmth, lo-end thumb, removes some hi-mids and treble harshness to clean 120€ vat inc

Blues Junior MOD
Enhances lo-end response,more power, takes away the agressivity and makes the drive really organic. 120€ vat inc

Pro Junior MOD
Adds lo-end, takes away that spiky high end, lowers gain 120€ vat inc