Tame your Hot Rod
These amps have almost no course on the volume pot, nice amp but a bit harsh and difficult to handle level wise. This mod makes your volume pot usable and tames the high end a little + bolder lo-end. 75€ vat inc
Building in power attenuator
Only for combos up to 80W. We will hook-up a rotary power attenuator in the back with custom plate and bracket. Amp always sees correct load. Attenuation up to 100%. 100-175€ vat inc (depending on amp, mail for info)
Clean up your Deluxe Reverb RI
+3db louder and cleaner and a more 3D response. 150€ vat inc
Blackface your Silverface
Includes parts and labour to get your silverface circuit converted to blackface circuit. from 90€ vat inc depending on type amp.
Fatten that JCM900
tames agressive hi-end bite and adds lo-end body. For all 900's. Makes it a way smoother and fatter amp. 90€ vat inc
Warm up that Champ 12
Standard tuning is pretty mid-based. Add warmth, lo-end thumb, removes some hi-mids and treble harshness to clean 100€ vat inc
Blues Junior Bomb MOD
Enhances lo-end response,more power, takes away the agressivity and makes the drive really organic. 95€ vat inc
Pro Junior Warmth MOD
Adds lo-end, takes away that spiky high end, adds gain and makes it a little AC15 when overdriven ! 100€ vat inc