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This is a rebuild of the very first Fender Bassman schematic ever documented. The one that was originally build for bass but sounded way better for guitar ! (1952)
Instead of the octal preamp tubes we used 5751 NOS Sylvanias because finding lo noise non microphonic octal pres is getting difficult.
This is one of the first 2 x 6L6 schematics and can deliver up to 30W (cathode bias). The choice of the rectifier type (5Y3, GZ31, GZ34, 5U4, 5V4, SS) can change your rms power from 10w-30w !

Power (rms): 8-22w rms
Speaker: 12" Jensen P15N Alnico
Preamp tube: NOS 5751 Sylvania
Phase driver tube: NOS 5751 Sylvania
Rectifier tube: choose > power from 8-25w
Power tubes: 2 x 6L6
Open back combo
Controls: volume - tone - bright switch - power
Custom EU output and power transformer

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Made In Belgium, 1 by 1 with +90% EU & USA made components
(transformers, boards, chassis, switches, pots, wiring, speaker, cabinet, ...)

on stock, can be tested

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Listen to it here >